About Diyarland

Diyarland is a subisdy of Treehouse Co; Acounstruction contacting company dealing in civil and interior development since 2008. As a contracting firm it was observed that not a variety of architectural hardware was available to acrhitects to aesthetically play with. Although many hardware companies dealing in various building materials have introduced great products but there is still a void in door closing systems, access control systems, and archiectural hardware in particular.

We saw the gap and searched for comapnies with relevant porducts and brand offerings for the growing construction and interior industry of Pakistan. We have thus introduced one of the best brands from around the world as we work with architects and design consultants.

Our Products

Diyarland Provides door closing solutions, architectural hardware, electrical switches and sockets recepticles, circuit breakers. Our current focus is primarily B2B engagement with industry leaders, architects, consultacts, institutions and large wholesellers alike.

Our product portfolio includes, door closing solutions, home automation systems, general wiring and electrical recepticles, modular office furniture and various other building matrial and home interior products.