About Kempston Controls

Kempston Controls in the UK was established in 1940 as a specialist distributor of Amerlcan manufactured components. The business has been developed over the years to service the needs of a much broader audience and through the careful choice of franchises, Kempston Controls has become a specialist technical distributor of electrical Components with an enviable reputation for stock and service. Kempston Controls ls pleased to announce the opening of’ Its Pakistan Branch office.

Diyarland is our office and exclusive reseller in Pakistan, In order to extend Its support and expand business operations ln the Pakistan.

Diyarland expertise professional profile, highly skilled technical teams competitive analysis, representation. Performance vision and positive strategy will help to consolidate our significant market share in Pakistan.

As well as being a specialist disruptor control equipment we also offer a manufacturing facility and are a leading manufacturer of supply monitoring equipment. This also gives us the added benefit of being able to offer value-added services such as cable termination, final assembly and the testing or electronic devices.